If you are interested in the ground handling services of GenAir Aruba and would like a partnership please complete the form below and we will contact you for further collaboration.

Additionally, we are also able to provide a package deal for all 3 ABC islands. If this is applicable for your company please state this within the comment box. Keep in mind this form is only intended for a request for proposal for all other inquires you can send us an email at info@genairaruba.com or call us at +(297) 5886544.


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Customer Service Agent

Job summary:

To provide all necessary and required above the wing customer service to well-known international airlines. These services include reservations, ticketing, baggage processing, terminal service, provide special passenger assistance, check-in service, VIP service etc. A customer service agent will have direct contact with passengers on a daily basis.

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Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Agent

Job summary:

To provide below the wing ground support services to well-known international airlines. Aircraft Cleaning Agents are responsible for completing cleaning tasks delegated to them in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring that such work is accomplished to the required standards of customer airline. Cleaners will be constantly moving on the field to service the various airlines GenAir handles. Aircraft cleaning Agents will; vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, fold blankets, change pillow cases, empty garbage, position seatbelts, clean tray tables, clean window.

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Ramp Service Agent

Job summary:

To provide all necessary and required below the wing ground handling support services, to well-known international airlines. These services include Ensuring that the aircraft is properly secured; offloading and loading of luggage from the aircraft and marshaling aircraft into the proper gate. Handle a stressful and fast-paced environment with quick deadlines, work independently and with a team, work in a variety of weather conditions.

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