Within this section a team picture of the complete GenAir management team will be shown. This picture will have a mouse-roll over function. Meaning when the website visitor is on this website he/she will be able to enhance a management team members face by passing the mouse on the picture. The picture that will pop-up when doing this is the singular picture taken from the management team member. Additionally, a quote or personal experience from this member with their name and function will be seen as well. The following content is designed to be shown in the “Management team” section:

Alejandro Muyale

Managing Director

Dimitri Pavlowitch

General Manager

Nelio Gomes da Silva

Airport Services Manager

Julissa Rojer

Safety and Quality Assurance Manager

Ivan Kelly

ICT Manager

Yhamil Muyale

Maintenance Manager

Gilbert Croes

Ramp Manager

Emanuel Croes

Ramp Manager

Efrain Eman

Director Internal Audit General Manager and Quality Assurance

Brenda Mardenborough

Human Resources Coordinator

Mariano Ras

Airport Operations Supervisor

Celvin Curiel

Flight Operations Supervisor

Roxanne Rumnit

Customer Services Supervisor

Curven Rodgers

Maintenance Supervisor