Job summary:

To provide below the wing ground support services to well-known international airlines. Aircraft Cleaning Agents are responsible for completing cleaning tasks delegated to them in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring that such work is accomplished to the required standards of customer airline. Cleaners will be constantly moving on the field to service the various airlines GenAir handles. Aircraft cleaning Agents will; vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, fold blankets, change pillow cases, empty garbage, position seatbelts, clean tray tables, clean window.

Job requirement:

  • A minimum of a EPB degree
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Able to work under pressure in a fast phase environment
  • Good communication skill;
  • Knowledgeable in English, Spanish and Dutch; written and verbal.
  • Must be able to read, write, speak, understand and carry out instructions given in English.
  • Good time management skills and problem solving skills
  • Flexible to work various shifts, weekdays, weekends, late hours and holidays
  • Able to work within a team as well as independently
  • Should be responsible, self-determent, trustworthy, and dynamic.
  • Possesses excellent time-management and problem solving skills
  • Must be physically fit and repeatedly able to pick up a minimum of 50 pounds independently and continuously climb and descend stairs
  • Must be able to pass a drug test and background check to be able to obtain Airport Badge
  • Basic safety awareness


Job responsibilities:

  • Clean interior areas of the aircraft cabin including the removal of blankets, vacuuming aircraft carpets, wipe down tables, walls, overhead bins, windows and remove trash from seat pockets
  • Assist Ramp agents if needed
  • Replenish seat pockets with airline materials as per customer requirements
  • Clean lavatories; wash basins, surfaces, mirrors and replenish lavatory supplies
  • Clean and sanitise aircraft galleys; mopping floors and wipe down of work surfaces
  • Arrange seatbelts on seats, placement of headrests, pillows and blankets as required
  • Clean exterior areas of the aircraft as required
  • Provide security cleans/checks as required
  • Provide professional cleaning for office and retail areas as required
  • Operate ground support equipment which may include aircraft steps, hi-lift vehicles
  • Report all equipment malfunctions to the appropriate supervisor/manager


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